Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


The Seven Demon Lord digimon were basically filled in over the same year or so, and Barbamon debuted alongside Leviamon as the demon lord of avarice. I guess his design communicates that well enough, though he's oddly a little less decked out in gold, jewels and baubles than some of the other demon digimon. I'm glad we've got another demon with gigantic hands, and this guy's robes are pretty snazzy, though there's really not much else that can be said about him. He's prime Major Villain material, but doesn't quite manage the same charm of any of the other six.

Perhaps it's also worth mentioning, as some commenters already pointed out, how unfortunate it is that the "greed" demon wound up having a giant, pointy nose. A Tengu feels like the most likely inspiration for this, but it's still a bad look, and the early concept art of a beak-like helmet would have both avoided any uncomfortable implications while just looking a whole lot cooler, to boot.

For everything else about Barbamon's design, it gets a four, because I inherently like all of the demon and devil digimon on some level, but with the better looking helmet face he might have even earned a five.