Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



So I know I usually reserve every tenth review for one of my personal favorites or something I can say a lot about, but unfortunately, we're going to be fresh out of those for a while. We certainly have some interesting digimon ahead of us, but the level of my "personal favorites" has dropped even further now that we're done with the demon lords. What we do have for review 240 is another of those unconventional foes featured primarily in the manga series, in this case a highly unique looking machine digimon whose name is a play on "gizmo" and probably looks the most machine-like and inhuman of almost any other digimon. Just a straight-up alien robot with inorganic visual sensors and metal tentacles.

Gizumon is apparently "a digimon without an ego," so it's a completely unfeeling artificial being, which they make a big deal over but has already been done with a bunch of other bad guy digimon. There's even those digimon that are just unfeeling vehicles.

Still, it has an uncommonly cool design and I guess I should give it a five.



Gizumon's Adult evolution only appends its name with "AT," whatever that means, and its biggest change is replacing the crustaceoid legs with a pair of coiled, metallic ribbons. As much as I liked the mechanical eye-bug look, this is admittedly a great deal cooler and more ominous. I also didn't say this before, but I like how the tentacles on both stages end in those little grey tufts of presumably finer tendrils.



Sadly, even this abstract mechanoid falls prey to the "more evolved=more humanlike" trap...or does it? You can see that its original eyes are still in the same place, so that's still basically where its "head" is. What looks like a new head is really nothing but an added energy cannon! I really love creatures whose "humanoid" shape is that superficial, so I'm not detracting any points. All three Gizumon stages are pretty solid, and it's just a shame we never found out how weird and threatening it might have gotten as an Ultimate...though if we have to pick an existing Ultimate for this to morph into, good old Parasimon already shares many of this line's key features. It's not a perfect fit, but it's better than nothing.