Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Moving on from this generation's "main hero" digimon to the more forgotten gems, I am absolutely in love with Swimmon here at first sight. I think this might actually be one of the most obscure child-stage digimon in the whole series, and it's a mighty unusual one, too, since it lacks any additional claws or feet or accessories or any of the anthropomorphism digimon are usually marketed around.

Swimmon is literally JUST a fish. A fictional but highly realistic bony piscean that I cannot help but absolutely adore. This design might have made a fairly ordinary Pokemon, but it feels so different from your average Digimon that it feels like a wonderful surprise in the midst of 2005's otherwise rather conventional wave.

Oh yeah, did we mention we're still looking at Digimon from 2005? Even as far as these reviews have come? Anyway, Swimmon was introduced by the Accel Nature Genome virtual pet, where it could evolve into Seahomon, which is a cool and good digimon, but it's a shame Swimmon couldn't have a brand new fish monster to evolve into. I guess they just realized they had a number of Adult and Perfect-level fish digimon, but none at the child level, so Swimmon was concocted to quickly fill a missing niche, which it fills well! Naturally, it has several possible paths that can end on Pukumon or Metalpiranimon, including a stop-over as Cthulhu, a deep one, or the seadramons!