Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


The storytelling of Digimon Dawn and Dusk is pretty thin, but there's a spooky evil energy thing going around driving digimon berserk, and it eventually turns out to be Grimmon, the digimon manifestation of a computer virus specially designed to attack digimon.

Grimmon is considered an adult stage digimon, and it's pretty damn neat looking. It has the overall anatomy of the classic snake-tailed dramons, but with a decidedly more alien skull face, wings made of light, and a right arm that ends in an eye-like energy cannon. The cool black and grey color scheme also goes a long way to making this digimon look good, and the way its mechanical tail segments look a little weathered and rugged makes a difference as well. This is far from one of those shiny, plasticy, colorful machine types we typically get.


The perfect stage is completely different, and the colors a bit more jarring, but overall a uniquely cool design in itself; sleek, insectile, faceless and lethal looking. It's known as Chaosgrimmon, and its red half is supposed to contain the power of light, while its blue half contains the power of darkness. This makes chaosgrimmon an equally suitable foe no matter which game version you chose, which also determines the team you play on.


Exogrimmon is the Ultimate stage of this line, and sadly, I have to dock a couple points. It's one of the cooler looking mechanical dragons, sure, I like this line's overall eyelessness, and I see that they were going for another Evangelion nod with this design, but we've still seen cooler, weirder metal dragons than this, and both of its previous stages kind of knock it out of the park.