Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Somehow or other, I thought for sure I'd already reviewed this digimon a long time ago, but it's actually from 2006 and here we are wrapping up the 2007's with no Algomon in sight. Whoops! Well, this is another of those one-off freaky mutant digivillains, in this case debuting in Digimon Savers the Movie and the Sunburst and Moonlight video games.

The "Algo" in "Algomon" comes from the fact that it was born "from a bug in an algorithm." The result is a weird perfect-level humanoid with eyeballs on its chest and thighs, plant-like green tendriils and bundles of green feathers for whatever reason. It's a fabulously fashionable design, in any case, and pretty eerie looking, but for once, a humanoid digimon actually gets much weirder!

Algomon also has what's called its "worm phase," where it transforms into a network of green tendrils that can spread throughout the digital realm and actually put humans to sleep by engulfing them in pods. That's wonderfully freaky!


...And once it's gathered enough power, Algomon can evolve into an Ultimate class digimon, keeping the same name, with a much more bizarre face. What seems to be its tiny head and neck is actually just the "upper jaw" of a gaping, toothless mouth:

I actually like regular Algomon's more organic body a lot more, but Ultimate Algomon's giant void-filled maw is something special, especially when we briefly see it filled with eyes. A fine addition to the long line of digimon antagonists who represent some sort of "glitch" or otherwise "abnormal" digital life form. You'd think there'd be enough of them to lose their novelty by now, but if anything, monstrous coding errors should logically be even more common.