Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


A good vocalist needs a drummer! Dondokomon is another of Shoutmon's closest pals, and his main ability is that his drumming energizes everyone present, getting every side of a conflict even more fired up. He's said to be a digimon that will show up unexpectedly to any kind of gathering or commotion, and by drumming out a beat, sometimes spiral the situation completely out of control!

I really appreciate this yokai-like object digimon introduced so much later into the series and even featured in the central cast of a major Digimon anime, something previous series would have kind of shied away from. A fun, wacky guy that complements Shoutmon well.


Speaking of which, Dondokomon's fusion with Shoutmon is Don Shoutmon, which is also referred to as Dondokomon's "Manly Soul mode." Everything we just described about Dondokomon is supposedly amped up to a hundred in this form, which charges into other people's fights and not only escalates them with its drum beat, but generates that drum beat by indiscriminately beating everyone present instead of its own drum body.

At least, that's what the profile says. I don't think we ever see this kind of behavior in the anime, do we? Anyway, I like how teaming up with Shoutmon is also basically joining his indie band.