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Good news, everyone! If you've noticed how slowly these reviews have been coming, I'm happy to say in some kind of psychologically unhealthy fit I somehow managed to write the next 55 reviews over the course of a few days, so those of you reading these as they go up are in store for a solid, unbroken summer of new reviews each and every day, including a lot of really fun ones from the Xros Wars period!

Unfortunately, this is not really one of them. I am not at all a fan of this design, which just kind of looks like Latias or Latios from Pokemon with a more artificial, unpleasantly yellow casing. Not the most memorable character either, as far as I know, one of those female characters who's just kind of serious and protective? There just could have been a little more to it.


Sparrowmon has an evolved form, Raptor Sparrowmon, which looks a little bit better from the neck down as far as robotic birds go, but it still has the Totally Not Latios head on it, which I don't think flows quite right with the rest.


Like Dorulumon, Sparrowmon can also transform into something that ends up primarily utilized by Shoutmon, referred to as the "Jet Sparrow," which provides him with a flying stage and gigantic set of speakers. An entertaining role in this for a jetplane creature, I think.