Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


So I originally went ahead and reviewed this one months ago on Cyberdramon's page, but like Starmon, I think I'd rather review it here with the rest of Xros wars...which means that, in a convoluted way, I've broken my claim that I have no more 6/5 favorite digimon to review.

Cyberdramon was a boss as hell digimon design, and its Xros Wars redesign manages to push the coolness to the absolute maximum...at least in its official artwork, anyway. Heavily playing up the giger angle, this design and especially this particular illustration of it show even further how magnificent a modern-style digimon can be. It balances the artificial with the organic, the sleek and powerful with the strangely grotesque, and has such a wonderfully consistent idea of what it wants to look like from head to toe.

I love how the cool, blue exoskeleton is broken up by transparent, purple bubbles, showing off the creature's cybernetic inner workings and spider-like cluster of eyes. The membranous, latticework wings shouldn't logically enable flight, but they look SLICK, and it's a digital entity anyway.

I think...I actually even like this design so much, I'm gonna give it the "gold" rating. It's not the kind of bug or slime or rotten ghoul I'd usually give that to, not the kind of thing that really fits in with my kind of personal "team," but I'm enamored enough with it that I may as well.

Granted, that magnificent artwork did come a little after the design's anime debut, where it was a little less pretty, less organic in places, and more on the plastic action figure side...but you still can't really make this thing look outright bad. It's the head! That's gotta be one of the best heads of ANY digimon!