Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Man, I'm sorry a better looking image couldn't be scrounged up for this guy, who's also been transplanted from an older review, but we now come to the initial "big bads" of the Xros Wars world; the "Big Death-Stars" of the Bagra Army; a set of evil digimon who apparently match up with seven different elements and the seven days of the week! We've already reviewed Apollomon, however, who serves as the "Sunday" digimon but doesn't actually consider himself a member of the Death Stars, leaving us to start off with Neo Vamdemon, the "Monday" member of the Moon element.

I'm honestly not even sure what's up with the days of the week theme. It's pretty silly, and so is Neo Vamdemon's design. I wish it existed in any higher resolution, because there sure is a lot of edgy detail packed into this bastard! Such a lovely assortment of spines, hooks, fangs and thorns, with his very chest forming a monstrous upper jaw! According to its profile, it has lost almost all emotion, and only feels anything resembling fulfillment when it "watches the termination of a dying Digimon under the moon."

Careful, Neovamdemon! Don't hurt yourself on all that edge!!

But seriously, this design is actually quite pretty for how excessive it is. Maybe one of the best Vamdemon/Myotismon variants.


We also can't review NeoVamdemon without reviewing the "familiar spirits" he summons as one of his main attacks, which are known as Evilvil or in the dub as Nightmare Leeches! How can you not love these fat, blind bat-blobs with gaping lamprey mouths? They would make fantastic digimon in their own right, maybe even a designated Baby II stage for the Vamdemon line.