Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


The main villain of the original Xros Wars story arc and leader of the last eight villains we just looked at, Bagramon was originally an angelic digimon who worked for an entity literally named Homeostasis, a formless sentience that maintains the balance of good and evil in the digital world after Yggdrasil ran amok and was defeated.

Bagramon apparently came to question the being's methods and wondered why evil couldn't just be exterminated. Homeostasis attempted to banish and presumably destroy him, causing him to lose the entire right side of his body, but he used the dead remains of Yggdrasil's tree form to reconstruct himself - hence the huge, gnarly monster arm. Believing that the world was constructed incorrectly, he ironically teamed up with some of the most evil of all digimon in his hopes to destroy and remake reality without evil or suffering.

All pretty dramatic, and so is the advanced form he can take either on his own or fused with various other digimon; a "darkness mode" with a demonic face for a chest! Not the most original villain overall, but he certainly has a few cool aspects to him. I just wish the "rebuilt himself with a dead tree that used to be god" part was taken a bit further. He totally should have had an evil tree monster form.