Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Holy. Crap. This...this is one of the most badass digimon designs and high up there among the overall slickest creature designs I have quite possibly ever, ever laid eyes upon. It is MAGNIFICENT. The spooky little yellow eye in the claw-shaped, red socket. The jaggedy mouth. The sucker-like red speakers lining its tattery bat wings. The fact that it's a flying music note. It's almost PAINFUL how awesome this digimon is. It's so awesome, I already could have guessed it was based on a fan entry because nothing this beautiful ever really honestly comes out of the Bandai crew anymore.

...Or, I thought so anyway, but the original drawing by Yamaguchi Satoshi is just vague enough that they could have interpreted it any number of ways, and it seems even the music note body was an embellishment by its final illustrator.

Sadly, Soundbirdmon appeared exclusively in the Digimon Collectors smartphone game, as nothing but a digital TCG card, and you can't even play that game anymore. Ugh. This digimon was truly too good for this world.

Wait...you wanted to know what it does?

It makes noise and it flies. What else would it do? What else does anybody NEED to do when they look this good??? Back off, man!!



As of the 2021 Digimon Adventure "reboot" (more of an alternate timeline), Soundbirdmon has not only been prominently featured as minions of demon Digimon, but we now know their soundwaves drive other Digimon to insanity, and that they're actually "pieces" of Deathmon! (AKA Ghoulmon)

Weirder still, Soundbirdmon can collectively manipulate "scraps of data" to create crude, blocky, wire-frame humanoids, the designs of which are actually lifted from an early version of Golemon that appeared in one of the Playstation Digimon games!

2021 is also the year that Digimon returned to positively top-notch monster designs...but if you're reading these in order, you've got a few dozen to go before then!