Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


It's the final boss of the Xros Wars universe! Or, if you ask TVtropes, it's the Giant Space Flea From Nowhere of Xros wars, not that Digimon is new to springing a completely unexpected, unforeshadowed bad guy on the audience; pretty much their tradition since Apocalymon!

Quartzmon's origins are unclear, but whatever it once was is probably no longer recognizable anyway; it uses digifusion as a mechanism of permanently absorbing and controlling other digimon, with an ultimate goal of fusing with the entire world itself! It even already manifests a planet-like form, though its true body is a ghastly, rubbery humanoid entity that usually protrudes from the globe's surface:

Like the D-Reaper a whole three or four series ago, this design is an obvious take off from Evangelion angels, with a disturbingly fleshy body and multi-eyed, golden mask. The blocky seam along its middle is also, of course, Quartzmon's actual mouth, making the "mask" or "head" more of an eye stalk, anatomically! A very nice, gangly boogieman all around that doesn't look like your usual digimon, but that's just what makes it such a good look for an ultimate foe.