Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Finally, an "Olympos XII" digimon I really care about! This was one of the weirdest and beastliest digimon in a while, and really shows how cool they all could have been if they hadn't restricted themselves so often to humanlike forms. Bacchus is another name for Dionysus, the Greek god of grapes, wine making and fertility, so naturally he's a humongous purple shark-toothed grape monster with a snake tail and a little tiny goblin head. Obviously! This is more like one of Megami Tensei's wilder reinterpretations of mythology!

While obviously a fearsome virus-type digimon, Bacchusmon mostly only ever wants to get drunk and party hard, even granting requests to ferment virtually anything imaginable into personalized booze for anyone it considers a friend. Its own favorite wine, however, comes from the fruit it harvests from its dear friend Ceresmon. That's weird, guys. Keep that to yourselves!!!