Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Perhaps there are quite a few too many variants and subspecies of Garurumon, Greymon and Omegamon running around these days, but all three returned for yet another round in 2017, and can you believe these reviews have finally gotten to that point?! We're getting to the very end!

Cres Garurumon isn't anything I haven't kind of already seen before, but it's not bad for what it is. In fact, I love that while everything else about it has that more modern, super detailed, super sleek and serious look to it, its metal wolf head is a really cartoony metal wolf head. More Looney Tunes wolf than Anime wolf.


Blitz Greymon, likewise, actually looks a little better to me than a lot of other humanoid robosaurus digimons. Maybe it's a combination of the color scheme and the use of some rounder, smoother shapes that make the difference. A nice, chunky, red and black metal dinoman.


Finally, we have Omegamon Alter S. This is the whole reason I review Blitz and Cres on the same page, since they were obviously introduced just to be able to form another kind of Omegamon. Its design, unfortunately, doesn't change enough from Omegamon for me to really care, and I already didn't care as much about Omegamon as we're all basically supposed to. They keep pushing Omegamon as the very face of all Ultimate-level digimon, but it looks so much like a generic anime mecha that it kind of fails to communicate anything really unique or special about the franchise on its own, which is what a heavily marketed character is usually supposed to do.