Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



Remember Bancho Leomon?! Leomon dressed up as a Japanese high school punk?? If you don't, you were pretty much already told everything you needed to know, and many years later, a set of additional "bancho" digimon were added to flesh out his gang! Maybe they deserve individual reviews, but, I dunno, I kinda want to keep them together here.

Banchomamemon is a decent addition to the Mamemon family, too, its teenaged punk persona integrated with a baseball theme; even its face is stitched so that the whole Mamemon head is baseball-like, from the look of it! They really think baseball is so cool in Japan, and over here we just think it's boring now. This is even sadder considering that the U.S. has beaten Japan at almost every single baseball game to date.

Maybe they just need Banchomamemon on their side.

You know, to jump out of alleys at night and break the rival team's kneecaps.



Glad the banchos get a bug guy, and I actually like everything about this design a whole lot more than classic Stingmon; it feels like an entirely different digimon, and as an Ultimate, it's even something Stingmon could evolve towards. It feesls a lot more insectile as well as generally more menacing, I love the way its arms look, I love the beetle shells sewn into its pants, and of course I love those little drill-nosed beetle-hornet pals!



How radical is delinquent lilymon?! She's almost everything that was already interesting about the original Lilymon, only now she's a black flower, fingerless gloves, a tattered black leather skirt, a black flower, purple wings and a red cape, all of which just look totally killer together. More uniquely, she fights with a thorny, plant-based yo-yo! That's funny AND badass!

Like Stingmon, it's also just interesting that she's an Ultimate-level variant on a less evolved digimon.



I don't like this design nearly as much as the original Golemon, sadly; they didn't really preserve anything that was distinct about the basis other than the "rock monster" part. However, it's nice that any new attention was given to Golemon at all, and I obviously love those mini-golems. That's three out of four of these new banchos that have some sort of orbiting symbiote!