Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Today's digimon was introduced in 2016 exclusively for the Digimonlinkz, a mobile game that I was never able to play because Kabuterimon's wing animation always crashed my phone. It's just as well, since service was terminated in July 2019 (weeks before this review!) and it would have sucked to put work and effort into a game that just up and disappeared on you. How godawful is it that that's even a thing?! That an entire video game can just stop existing on everybody?! How much media is going to be lost forever just because it was a product of app culture?!

...What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Vorvomon. It's a little dragon with a body made of "burning hot ore." It's not bad. This is one case where jagged chunkiness makes more sense than usual, but it still has a naturalistic feel that I like.



The adult stage is about what you expect, but looks even nicer with its detailed magma-dribble wings and little rocky smokestacks. It definitely has a classic digimon feel to it that I appreciate a lot.



The Perfect stage is, again, nothing surprising. Just a straightforward, competent expansion on Lavorvomon, bigger and sleeker and more "epic" in feel. Its main ability is apparently to scatter mineral dust, then manipulating the dust's ignition point to cause a fiery explosion. That's really cool!



Probably just what a lot of folks wanted for an Ultimate if a flaming magma dragon happened to be their biggest jam. It definitely looks like something out of Dark Souls or maybe Throne of Games or one of those other franchises with dramatic, CG dragons flying around. The molten red magma alternating with the hardened wing veins is a cool and original look for this kind of thing, and I like the red, barbed spines coming out of the wings as well. Decent.