Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


HELL YEAH! She's not one of the demon lords, but I like to put a personal favorite every ten reviews wherever I can, and Ladydevimon was already one of my top ten. I'm not sure I really like the X-antibody form more, but it is certainly a worthy design. It takes a lot of what was memorable about Ladydevimon and just makes it bigger, but it also adds a lot of new details and new twists.

Her now horned leather mask hides her eyes under a single, glowing X, which is a VERY cool look. Her clothes are held together with zippers formed of literal teeth, which I'm surprised I haven't seen before. I miss her having an elongated Devimon arm, but what she now has is a creatively bizarre, biomechanical floating arm apparently named "Zeefdrukken." Particularly gorgeous are the Giger-like details added up and down her torso; wearing a black spinal column and coccyx down your front is a pretty bold fashion move, I must say.

What we probably all noticed first, I'm sure, is that Ladydevimon's shoulder demon has become significantly bigger and more organic looking, with four eyes and a toothy smile. It's not as cute as it used to be, but it's apparently become a full-fledged "familiar" who's always watching out for its mistress. It also has a name now, and that name is Vore.