Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


So before we continue with new Pendulum Z Digimon, we just have two X-evolutions of note that have come out in the interim. You might remember Numemon X, but that Numemon traditionally evolves into Monzaemon, so they did in fact give the big teddy bear the X treatment a few months later:

I'm glad this design retains the rather eerie eyes of the original Monzaemon, but adds a few buttons, hearts, stitches and other plush flair that make it feel a bit more "complete" as a design. Most notable of all, however, are the angelic wings and halo clearly formed from some kind of ooze, playing off the fact that this evolved from a giant slug! Its description refers to this as "lovely gel," and that it likes to give pieces of this gel to other digimon and make them smile. All thoroughly adorable, and I very much appreciate Monzaemon getting this slime theme that ties it back in with Numemon!


There is, however, one downside here, which is that they revealed this Digimon alongside some scrapped conceptual artwork...

Come on...don't do this to me, guys. I know the "point" of Monzaemon is that you no longer see the sewage monster, and the final Monzaemon X is only staying true to the fact that Numemon is successfully hiding under something traditionally cute, but on the other hand, look at that eyeball slime heart. My god. There's also the eyeball poking out of the stomach, the creepy button eye and protruding tongue that all call back to Numemon even harder, but if they even just kept the eyeballs on the slime heart, even (if not especially?) the pretty pink slime heart I'd have been in love. Here's hoping maybe some day they give aspects of this design to, say, a Warumonzaemon X.