Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


It's been many months since our last review, but already a significant chunk of new Digimon have rolled out, which we'll be reviewing in a mix of chronological order and my personal preference to save some of the "best for last." We begin with a brand new Baby I stage actually added by expansions to the Vital Bracelet. Tailored for Earth and Mineral themed digimon, this baby stage is a crawling pile of sand with a pair of gravel "horns," a single grumpy eyeball, and a pacifier. It's said to be exceptionally aggressive for a brand new baby, and can "fall apart like sand, or conversely, harden like clay." Baby stage Digimon are always interesting, but this is an especially stylish and unique one.


Sunamon then evolves into GOROMON, a delightful little waddling boulder with an eye in its mouth! This Digimon is said to grow by eating rock, but stores an "unimaginable" volume of excess ore in its under-developed digestive system, kind of implying that its little mouth acts as a portal to its own pocket dimension, or at least highly compressed digital storage. Its description also lets us know that because its eye is in its mouth, it can't see while it's eating!

In its Vital Bracelet debut, Goromon evolves into the mineral lizard Sunarizamon, but Goromon's design style is even more suited to Gotsumon, with the very same eye style and coloration! A lovable "elemental" baby stage perfect for the various rock, diamond and metal monsters.