Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


We're now getting into some of my top favorites of the recent releases, beginning with the surprise Vulturemon added by the Vital Bracelet's "Titan of Dust" card, an ecclectic selection of desert-themed Digimon. Vulturemon is the only new species added by this card besides the mineral-based babies we reviewed a ways back, and it really stands out. This Digimon is an anthropomorphic vulture, it wears a helmet consisting of a broken human skull belted backwards to its head and it has a sniper rifle with an hourglass and scythe blades mounted to it. In other words it's a carrion eater that's also a long-range assassin with a grim reaper motif! Each of these aspects mesh seamlessly with the other two, and in case it still wasn't a rad enough formula for you, one of its moves apparently shoots "condors made of sand" out of its gun.

Vulturemon is only a Perfect stage with no directly thematic Ultimate to evolve into, but lately it seems like they've been doing that on purpose to tease new Ultimate Digimon anyway, as you'll see in only three more pages!

It's too bad a digital embodiment of death didn't end up being Digimon 444, but 400 isn't too bad!