Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


  This is a very cool but very strange Perfect level to have been a part of Gammamon's virtual pet. It doesn't directly tie in with either Gammamon or the other Digimon sharing the device, and it's hard to pair it with any other particular Digimon either, but whatever it is, it obviously rules. It's a floating, ghostly little character almost completely concealed by a torn up, hooded straight-jacket, but what little we can see of its face indicates that its head is a blue, cartoon bomb with large red and yellow eyes. It has a long, whiplike bomb fuse sticking out the back of the hood, and a second one dangling down out of the jacket, like the bomb creature also has a "tail" fuse, or perhaps it has a little torso consisting of a second bomb? It does have arms filling in the sleeves.

Even more delightful are Bombermon's little pals, what are officially called "BB bombs;" tiny black bombs with simpler yellow lights for eyes and crooked, wiry spider legs! Bombermon apparently generates these by snapping its fingers, then commands them in swarms. It apparently also calls itself the "explosive artist," obsessed with the "beauty" of explosions and indifferent to the destruction it causes. So it's a "mad bomber" archetype that looks freshly escaped from an asylum, its makes explosive bugs and it actually IS a bomb. It's such a fun character concept in so many ways, it almost feels like it should have been the main villain - or antihero? - of its own non-Digimon media.

The concept is probably to serve as a "bad" evolution for military type Digimon, but I really want an entire line built around this one.