Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Is this ANOTHER mutant!?!

...Surprisingly enough, no. It has the glowy eyes that are usually only seen in some of the mutant Digimon, it's a comical and odd evolution for an otherwise more serious creature - in this case, another alternate but wholly unrelated Perfect stage introduced for Gammamon - and the tail end of its body is even a veiny, drippy, slug-like blue mass reminiscent of none other than Raremon! Yet, they classify this creature as a fairy or "pixy" Digimon, and its theme is of guerilla warfare. The front half of its body appears to be some kind of bipedal little dinosaur guy, judging by the limbs, but almost entirely concealed in leafy foliage, ie a camouflaging "ghillie suit." The dark gap in the leaves where the eyes peer out is shaped like a jagged mouth, and three wooden stick horns on top kind of evoke the horns of Greymon.

Why the sludgy Raremon tail, exactly? I guess because a ghillie suit also incorporates mud and dirt? There are even vines and things stuck to it, so maybe its whole body is supposed to be gooey enough to pick up leaves and detritus, forming the suit? The sluglike aspect might also be to tie in with its slow, silent, stalking battle strategy. It carries a rifle in its clawed hands, also camouflaged with leaves and a pair of stuffed baby birds for good measure, and its eyes can supposedly see into an enemy Digimon's core in order to take a single, lethal shot.

I'm indifferent to the military themes of this Digimon, but I obviously love its anatomy and aesthetic, enough that I'll go ahead and let it have the gold rating. It does have both Raremon skin AND Digitamamon eyes.