Graduated from law school in 60XXQ B.C.M.
(before conventional matter). Married itself shortly
thereafter and has raised one trillion inanimate
Migrated to the Fear Dimension from his birthplace
inside of a great space-beast. His touch causes
hives and his breath causes hallucinations.
A vegetable subgod of immense power trapped in a
larval state. Only through consumption of spinal
fluid can it reach maturity. In its dark slumber it
dreams of becoming a country music singer.
-Bubba Mudman-
A lazy and gluttonous monster that feeds primarily
on fat cells. Married to an attractive young human
named Emily who collects porcelain cats.
Carrion-eating crustaceoid from the Fear
Dimension's sewage sea. Once a year, it sheds its
exoskeleton and takes on a completely new shape.
-Brax Mooks-
Plagued since early larvalhood by gruesome nightly
visions of chainsaws, Brax Mooks suffered bullying
and ridicule until a grueling 40 years of therapy
finally cured him of his irrational phobia.
-Blood Urchin-

Brainless spawn of Hirudoplax, the cocoon-mind
that forever circles the moon of eyes!
One of an ancient race that burrows deep beneath
the Fear Dimension grave-forest. Their massive
eyes are physically blind, but can see into the
dreams of creatures in our own world.

There isn't anything interesting about bill. They
can't all be winners.
-Big Bugeye Wilson-
A bit of a loudmouth with an ego problem. Wilson is
the lone computer tech at a factory where living
manifestations of guilt are manufactured and
shipped to foggy, abandoned mountain towns.
-Bugsy Krabsworth-
An inner ear parasite of a gargantuan floating
head, Bugsy was the first of his species to break
into modeling and currently enjoys status as the
Fear Dimension's most famous teen heartthrob.
Fluid-sucking fungoid from the meat desert. Likes
her men young, well-groomed and rich in precious
This weed-demon engineers plant diseases that
regularly cross into our own world and beam
nutrients back to their master. Hates dogs.
This simple country bumpkin runs a successful
intestine-farm on the fourth sphere. Likes his
intestines with a light seasoning of fetus.
This craniavore fancies himself Cethlu's gift to
females and spends most of his time clubbing.
Actually has yet to share his spores with anyone or
even move out of his grandmother's catacombs.
This Soul-sucking magmaworm pretends to be a
more important monster than it really is. Big fan of
fantasy role-playing games and sudoku puzzles.
-Dick McSlick-

What it does with its razor-sharp proboscis is not
suitable for children.
Actually the fruiting body of a fungus that grows
between realities. Destined to sprout in an
explosion of nuclear chaos.
-Dumbo cocoon-

Even he cannot be certain what is growing within
his hardened shell.
A dung-dervish that enjoys rotten eggs, offensive
humor and portable video games. Able to
communicate with parasitic worms.
One of the simplest Fear Dimension entities, but no
less dangerous on the material plane. It can suck
the eyeball tissue from a living being simply by
staring at it.

A purple pod-plodder politician who pioneered
policies of pod-plodder prejudice.
Oil-eating suckerbeast with control over water. A
similar creature once escaped into the real world
and grew to city-stomping proportions.
None are entirely certain what Gil is supposed to
be, but most are in agreeance that he doesn't
serve a purpose. Will he ever prove them wrong?
Will he ever figure out his own anatomy?
A hermaphroditic creeper that sucks intestines from
sleeping prey and lays eggs in their spleens. Also
an air-hockey champion.
A shifty, two-faced brain insurance salesman. His
rotten-egg odor and urine-dripping hoses make it
difficult for Fear Dimension residents to turn down
his questionable offers.

A salt-draining sentient mist that runs an animal
shelter in his free time.

Gakkton's on-again, off-again girlfriend made
primarily of algae.

A floating being that feeds on toxic metals and
spews clouds of ammonia.
-Jared Sloan-

His friends think he's an asshole, but this heavy
metal fan has a heart of gold.

Craves ectoplasm and fruit.
-King Lampro-

Don't make fun of his photographic mouth...you
might wake up skinless!
Uses thousands of razor-sharp hairs to cling like
velcro to her victims and inject them with a powerful
neurotoxin. It is not known why she does this as she
only feeds on nuts and berries.
Gives off high levels of radiation from his gaping
eye-sockets to roast potential prey. Loves his toy
pomeranian, Doodles, which he keeps in a lead
A master poet and philosopher, his views could
change the universe if he knew how to speak or
An energy-draining predator that mimics the
molecular makeup of whatever it touches. Currently
taking violin lessons in direct defiance of its
parental units, both famous pianists.
-Mister Twitch-
Began life as a physical manifestation of guilt in a
foggy, abandoned mountain-town until the intended
victim got one of the bad endings. Now lives a
secluded life at home writing crime novels.
Burrowing, amphibious omnivore from the
nightmare bog. Known for the delicious narcotic
paste secreted by a gland in its rump, it wishes
things would just quit trying to kiss its ass.
A lesser manifestation of horror that craves the
taste of human hair and lays its eggs in old shoes.
Powdery scales on its body are a popular salad
dressing in the Fear Dimension.
The soggy, saggy bog-dweller known as the
Muckstodon has crossed into our universe on more
than one occasion and may have given rise to
mythological swamp-monsters.
Collects, trades, and sells the eyeballs of past
victims, considered one of the Fear Dimension's
geekiest hobbies.
Fast-moving, mostly fluid and extremely clever, few
can survive the pursuit of a hungry oilsneak. This
particular specimen heads a company that sells
explosive head-worms to the elderly.

One part barnacle, one part...something else!
Part of the mindfiend collective, it preys on raw
emotions and in turn secretes a thick black sludge,
which it uses to cocoon itself and hibernate during
the braindrought every 4,000 years.

This gelatinous monster never shuts the hell up
and his voice is annoying.
-Prince Boglus-

Claims to be the prince of all Boglusi, but seems to
be the only such monster in existence.
-Prison Puss-
An ectoplasmic phantom that feeds on brainwaves.
Victims find their consciousness floating inside its
slimy jaws until gradually diminished and absorbed.
Also enjoys skiing.
Puddles eats anything and everything it can fit into
its gaping maw, leaving behind puddles of
multicolored mucus that taste strongly of
bubblegum. A popular type of pet.

His lack of friends is a testament to his mastery of
This boneless land-shark always dreamt of
becoming a jazz musician. Unfortunately, it has
neither lungs nor fingers. Takes out its aggression
on alpacas.
A bloodsucking headburster known for his
extensive knowledge of dentistry and impressive
collection of mummified rodents. Married nine times
and fathered 14,000,000 parasitoid embryos.
Slithering insectivore from the river of lice. Wrote a
best-selling novel about her sordid affair with the
chigger queen.
A type of mindless, flesh-eating pod that grows in
huge clusters on airborne vines. Once a century,
they ripen and rain down on the Fear Dimension.
And you thought she was a guy. Shows what you
know about the great race of K'thogroshoth.
-Thought Angler-
Attracted to beings with fresh ideas, it swallows
them whole and digests only the brain, increasing
its own intellect and excreting the rest as a zombie.
Able to control any creature that tastes its own
blood, Tickpick kept a veritable army of parasitic
arachnids in its filthy feathers until its tragic death.
A wealthy film star best known for his role in the
aptly-named romantic comedy "Tom dissolves the
faces off of dolphins for six hours".
Fungoid scavenger able to digest food at a
distance with a spray of toxic bile. This particular
Trasheater is an avid fanfiction writer.
A beloved children's show host, professional
wrestler, clown school principal and adult film star.
This is, in fact, its front.

A water-loving predator who's face randomly
changes arrangement each night.
Tentacle slug created by the undulating prince of
lies to wash his car. Got sidetracked and hasn't
been seen since.
 Sixty-four monsters appear in the latter half of the sixth "Fear Hole"
flash cartoon. If you wonder what that nondescript blob in the
background was all about, wonder no longer!
Went to high school with Brax Mooks and bullied
him relentlessly for his fear of chainsaws, driving
Mooks to abandon his education and seek therapy.
A benevolent space explorer who came to bestow
man with the secrets of eternal peace and
prosperity. Stopped by Parasol Labs for directions
to the pentagon and hasn't been seen since.

One of possibly several beings that exert some
form of dominance over the Fear Dimension.