Balls, finger puppets and other small toys
 These are sold every year at Party City. They have various skeleton parts
at the center with random photo backgrounds of tombstones or even,
sometimes, people at a funeral. I've always wondered if any of them were
actually asked to be photographed at a dead friend's hearing for a rubber
bounce ball.
 Do these toys even have an official name? You can find these everywhere.
I like the bleeding skulls the best. The completely different pumpkins came
from the same bag.
 Around an inch tall, made of hollow rubber to spit water from their
mouths. I don't see these often, and only these three varieties. They're
really nicely made, and I'm not sure which one I like best. Probably the
charred skull..
 Really common. I'm sure you've all seen these. They make nice little "victims"
for other toys and decorations, like the glow-in-the-dark anglerfish here.
 Some Star Wars figures modeling these useless little things,
sold in packs of five at dollar stores in bright, stupid colors and
sometimes even transparent.
 Yes, this was actually packaged as a halloween toy. All the
company did was change the ball into an eye. I love them.
The package says it all.
 Severed, two inch long skeleton hands sold in bags at
Wal-mart. The left ones have holes and the right ones have
pegs so you can stick them together for some reason.
 Found these laying in a box at a dollar store. They're stiff, dirty
looking and most of them have wires jutting out. Pretty sweet.
 As of 2003, the happy horror paddles have been replaced with
something far more acceptable, but nowhere near as funny...I'm
 They glow, they bounce and they have scary faces. Nothing else
to say really. There was another design that was just some guy with
sunglasses for some reason. I can't tell what the grey is supposed to
be around the middle one's jaw. Deformed flesh? It looks cool,
 Sold every year at a variety of stores, these all come
together and have very nicely detailed paint jobs for toys of
this sort. I esspecially like the mummy, with its protruding
tongue. Crappier versions of these guys can sometimes be
found seperate, in bins at party favor stores.
 These are pretty boring, except for the cool pink skeleton.
 These came from Michael's craft store in a bag of "50
halloween creatures" (most of them were spider rings).
They're not painted very well and are made of a stiffer plastic
than most. The skeleton is once again the coolest. He wears a
 These antique-looking things come in blister packs of six
and are a much rarer dollar store find. I've only seen them
twice. The second time I found them the green and purple
guys above had swapped colors.
 I don't even remember where I got this. It was probably in
with some bag of other miscellaneous junk. It's a little over
three inches tall and has holes in the back for your fingers and
 These came in many styles including a single skull, a vampire,
frankenstein's monster and so forth. They have sticky eyes that
protrude when squeezed, but like all sticky toys they eventually
start to decay and secrete nasty oily gunk so I had to pull his out.
Life is tough.
 Okay, so these technically aren't halloween because I got these from a vending
machine in the summer several years ago  (tons of them, but mostly duplicates of the
fourth one) but they're certainly spooky, and I've seen poorly-painted ones for sale
as halloween party favors anyway. They're all supposed to have backs that hook
into a shirt pocket, but I cut those off most of them. I was a bit younger at the time
and didn't care as much about having stuff intact, although they ARE pretty cool as
lone, useless monsters anyway. My favorite is the mummy, of which I only have
one. This is another item I'll gladly buy more of if anyone out there has some.
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