Windups, squishy stuff, and other gizmos
 These are just like all those other squeeze-toys with the unfurling "tongue", except for
one obvious difference. There's werewolf and vampire versions with the "tongue"
actually in their mouth, but that's not as cool. I believe it's meant to represent a worm
for these two, but it could just as easily be spurting blood or a severed nerve. The
mummy kinda looks like Rodney Dangerfield.
 A tough rubber ball full of sticky rubber that bulges when
squeezed. I unfortunately never bought the other variety; a skull
head with green goo and a dopier, friendlier expression. They had
a nice little contrast going. I bet they were comically mismatched
 A plastic coffin full of clear puttylike jelly and a sticky mummy
on a strand. These popped up in 2000 and became a new
tradition. They still make a cool decoration if unopened, which is
always the better idea when it comes to sticky toys.
 When a button is pressed, the head splits open and spins around.
Fairly standard lollipop holders (the laziest inventions known to man),
but one of them is an
alien pirate.
Slightly larger, more advanced toys than the other general gallery.
 Just some standard windups, my favorite is the coffin (very
creative) which I found at a flea market in 2001.
 These are a little hard to explain....when you pull the metal ring on the bottom, the
monster and the panel its standing on are pulled out on a string. Release it, and the
monster rapidly shakes its arms as it pulls back up. The doors have springy hinges
and can be "locked" shut, but this serves no purpose whatsoever as the closed
doors either prevent the toys from working or pop back open as the monster flails.
 Found at a dollar store, this glow-in-the dark skeleton has
loose dangly joints and chatters his jaw super fast when you
pull the cord/keychain at the top.
 Pull the clip and it chatters, flashing its eyes red as it
rewinds the cord. I've seen them
sold with bodies, too, the same ones as "Babblin
Bones". NOTE: I get messages about this fairly frequently because it's the same skull used by the character Captain Spaulding, and a lot of people want it for an authentic costume. Unfortunately, this page is from 2002, and I've not seen these skulls for sale since then.
Pumping Heads (2002 and on)
Gooey squeezey head (2001)
Mummy Ooze (2003)
Halloween Magic Lollipop holders (2002)
Assorted Walking Windups (various years)
 The cloaked guys roll along on wheels while shaking their heads, and were sold at Joann
Fabrics with cloth robes glued onto them. Strangely, the walking reaper in the upper pic
(and some other walking windup monsters of similar make) was sold in the same box as
the wheeled guys and ALSO had a glued-on cloak which I promptly removed because it
hid the scythe.

  The ghost rolls sideways while waving its arms, the fangs and eyeball are typical
"hopping" windups, and the small skull at the end just opens and closes its jaw. If placed on
a table, the jaw pulls it along, but it's meant to be clipped to a shirt pocket.
Other Windups (various years)
Nonsensical Coffins (2002)
Babblin' Bones (2002)
Action flashing skull (2002)
 One of my favorites, this little rubber maneater is less
than two inches high and came as the top to a
candy-filled tube. Its base is a stamp of the same
Carnivorous Plant Stamp (2002)
 After nearly four years in a plastic baggie in a knapsack, the
gooey mummy head thing has somehow transformed into
rock-hard plastic while the sticky material had secreted so much
foul-smelling grease into the bag that I simply tore it all out, which
took an amazingly long time.

  And here I am, four years after buying a squeezable monster
head, writing an update on its condition after pulling its guts out
for ten minutes. WHERE HAS MY LIFE GONE!?!