Spooky plush and pet toys
 This includes all stuffed toys and rubber squeaky toys for pets or people. I figure they all go together
because they're all designed to take abuse from small mammals of some sort. I don't own a dog and
wouldn't want one, but they get some awesome halloween stuff. Seriously, do your spooky shopping at
Petsmart. Just check out a few of the chew toys here... they're often a lot cooler and more unique than
anything intended for human beings, they're cheap, they're durable, and I suppose you could chew on
them. You know, if you wanted to...
 I love how they condensed the concept of en entire
haunted house into one rubber toy maybe five or six
inches tall. Little house, huge ghost, it balances out nicely.
 As a dog toy, this makes perfect sense. Taken out of
context, however, it's just a mummified cyclopean bone
happily razzing us.

  The world is an enigma sometimes.
 Now these are awesome. Roughly five inches tall and made of flimsy, hollow vinyl.
I found them one early october at wal-mart, and wound up buying a couple extras
throughout the month. I now have two of each, though the Brain is my favorite. I
mean, come on, it's an alien brain on a flying saucer, in squeak-toy form! These
things are just completely unique, and look great on a shelf of other wacky rubbish.
 Sold at Joann Fabrics back in 2003 and roughly the size of beanie babies, these guys are the PERFECT
halloween toy. They're well-made, they come holding bags of bubblegum eyeballs (four apiece) and by the
power of velcro, you can RIP THEIR HEADS OFF! The tags alone are worth the $2.99. While the
psycho-looking pumpkin is the coolest, the cat has all the weird factor. Detachable heads make perfect
sense for pumpkin ghosts and Frankenstein's monster, but a CAT? That's just horrible. Beautifully,
beautifully horrible.
 These ugly little freaks are named Witch Hazel and Count Wimpula. There's also a cat
and maybe some others, but I got these at goodwill so I can't be sure.  Their tags have
little poems about them, and a line from Count Wimpula's reads "Spiders, snakes and
spider mites, will make him scream with girlish fright". You definately don't get enough
toys that mention spider mites. According to the tags, they were distributed at target in
 Another pet toy, and one I really regret not buying any more of. I absolutely love this weirdass thing, and
only saw it in 2002. The head is a hard, hollow vinyl, while the body is cloth with a squeaker inside. He
wears a pink dogbone button of himself smoking in a top hat (?!?!) and his hood conceals where a bat
apparently crashed through his skull. His entire shroud is removable and he's about 6-8 inches tall.

If ANYONE can get me another one of these (or point me to where I can find one)
e-mail me. I'll be
eternally grateful. Seriously, this has got to be one of my favorite earthly posessions.
 This was found at another goodwill. It looks like it probably
came from a crane machine, but if anyone knows something I
don't, feel free to e-mail. A foot tall, it's made of fake leathery
material with bright green hair that came out much paler and more
blueish in the photograph.
 The white spots in this rather poor photo are reflection from
the glittery bits of fuzz that happen to make this thing incredibly
itchy to the touch. It's a foot tall and stands up easily, with
leathery black claws/toenails, a sparkly red bow tie, and battery
powered eyes that flash red when you squeeze its left paw. It
actually came from a grocery store. A bat, owl and spider were
also available but not nearly as interesting. They didn't have ties.
 A friend won this from a crane machine just after halloween.
Instantly one of my favorites, he stands just a hair above a foot tall
and he's fat so he looks pretty big. Interestingly, his hands are sewn
to his cheeks in what could be one of several possible expressions...
has someone offended him? Is he snickering at the misfortune of
others? Is he shouting for a friend in the other room?  The world
may never know. He's made by "Sugar Loaf" especially for crane
 This dog toy is just a soft fabric tombstone (I think I'd like the
same writing on my own) that either screams, giggles, or shouts
"happy halloween!" in a fairly funny voice when a part inside is
struck. Too bad these are made to just be chewed up and thrown
out, so there's no way to replace the batteries.
 Only about three inches tall, this soft grim reaper head has a pullstring at the
base which makes it vibrate (on a table it'll spin around) and giggle creepily for
a while, after which it shouts "happy halloween!" in the most delightfully insane
voice ever.
Squeaky haunted house dog toy (2002)
Mummy Dogbone (2003)
Hartz "Maddogs" monster dog toys (2003)
Talking Tombstone (2003)
"Oooky Kooky Spookies" (2003)
Some Kinda Spook (2002)
Haunted Tree (2002)
Sparkly Blinking Rat (2002)
Yelling Pumpkin Man (2003)
Shaking Halloween Giggler (2002)
Horror Eyes Gum Pals (2003)