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November: Post-Halloween

   This is just going to be a personal little blog-like thing about how I spent my Halloween and immediately adjacent days, which won't be terribly exciting to anyone but myself. I had a pretty eventful Halloween back in 2010, and have to say there were a lot of disappointments this year - nobody found the time or finances for any spooky sightseeing, Haunted houses, parties or even much in the way of costumes, our pumpkins rotted away in only 48 hours and seeing as I'm stranded in Florida forever, I don't even get to see the leaves change color these days. Still, some people cared enough to keep the season from being a let down, including all of you who read the site during the most active update period in its history! I hope to have much bigger plans next year, but only time will tell.

   Like I said, our pumpkins didn't hold up at all, but here's mine. We carved them while watching Scooby Doo on Zombie Island followed by the first Hellraiser, both on VHS! I selected my pumpkin, or whatever kind of pumpkinesque gourd this is, for its unusual and elaborate stem, which immediately called to my mind the branching illicia of Ceratoidea. I used a bag of Glow in the Dark "Pumpkin Teeth" and even inserted some broken chunks of them into the stem tips, but we never got to test how it looked. To compensate, I immortalized the pumpkin as one of my original monsters.

   After I lamented this little eyeball monster's lack of tangible merchandise, my friend Nathan of Endangered Ugly Things sent me this adorable hand-made representation! And here all I did for him was exchange guest posts!

   My very closest friend surprised me by baking and sculpting a Trash Pack Halloween birthday cake - Sour Snail with cake pop eyes! Never one to let a lovingly crafted cake go to waste I've tried to eat as much of him as I can, but I think she'll be forcing me to throw out the moldering remains any day now.

   The parents of said friend run an online business where they print various things on various merchandise, and gave me an Ugly Stickers wall clock! They never heard back from the copyright holders on whether they could produce these for sale, so for now I have the only one in existence!

   After Halloween we checked out the clearance sale at Spirit (America's leading seasonal Halloween outlet) where I still spent perhaps a little too much money on almost entirely bags of rubber centipedes. You never know when you might need them!

   Returning to World Market, I wound up buying one of the gummy rat bags, a handful of hilarious "Nose Worms" and gummy bugs with a wonderful maggot-ridden logo. I really want to cut that out and stick it to one of my insect-filled terraria.

   Clearance sales really are just about the only bright side to Halloween's end.

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