Collection Photos: 2010 - 2011
During this period I lived in a cool little house, unfortunately a little
unreliable, with some awesomely high ceilings. I'm getting better at using
up all available space.
What you see when you come in.
My grandmother's alien painting, designed by me as a small child.
There's a cool sort of shelf where the wall gives way to the wooden ceiling.
Those giant monster gummies are a few years old now, still vibrant and tasty looking.
I need a few more of these titanic rubber insects.
There's a party in sludge bucket's mouth and you're not invited.
What? Velma's hot.
Bogun's heads need dusting.
Mutagen man!
My cockroaches are still doing well.
Yeah, I completely sealed a window with crap. THIS IS A NO SUNSHINE ZONE!
Someone I love very much painted Roger (the eyeball creature) for me :)
Can you guess the theme?
My grandmother's OTHER alien painting traditional resides over my miscellaneous monster mass.
Oogie Boogie is still mackin' out.
This is where I've been wasting all that time making this website.