Luke lay in a pile of blood at leia's feet, alive but barely conciencious. The balls had succeeded where the
great rancor had failed and felled the graet jedi warlior.

Leia stood strong against her captor! "Your ball firing action will never break me, jabba. The rebel alliance
will preevail in the face of everry adversarie whatever their firing actions may be."

"Ho, ho, ho!" the mighty hutt bellowed his amusement. "Foolish princess you have not begun to see the
depths of my deadly action."

Leia braced herself defiantly as the vile gangster's mouth formed a perfect "O" approximately six feet across
and the first of the dread blue spheres appeared at the back of his throat. With a mighty heave it rocketed
forth toward the captive pincess of aldreraan!

"THWAM!" her face was shattered as luke's had been moments earlier.

"Yeah take that bitch" roared jabba as a second giant ball erupted from his cavernous maw and cracked her
spinal colum neatly in two before she had even hit the floor.

"NOT SO FAST JABDA!" it was the voice of captain SOLO who was not blind or in jail in this story. He
aimed his blaster rifle stait at the hutts forehead. "Fire one more ball with your action, and its CUTRAINS
for you,see!"

But another ball was halfway across the room befroe han could even finish his sentance. It pulverized his
blaster into a thousand pieces that he would not be able to put back together for days and days even if
jabba allowed him to do so which he did not, for a second and thrid ball came after it, smashing half of han's
ribs and then the other half.

"That is the price you pay for your betrayal, solo" said jabba. "All of your ribs". Jabba had the gamborrean
guards kick solo in the ribs while they were still broken.

   The three humans were thrown in a cel with chewie who had also been defeated by jabbas unstoppable
action powers. The following day they were tied to poles in the dune sea and executed with a continuous
volley of the giant, plastic spheres. The rebel alliance crumbled and all the bad guys won forever.