October 11: Empress

This stand's design isn't really unusual in itself; basically just a muscular, fanged woman with a few scaly or metallic elements depending on how she gets colored - the anime would make these golden parts a darker and fleshier mauve. The simple, organic, human design does work well with her abilities, however...


The Empress is a parasitic stand, if you didn't figure that out from the first illustration, infecting any human host through physical contact with her user's blood. The victim will first develop an ordinary looking wart wherever this blood lands, but the wart will soon develop a mouth, as we see here, even capable of feeding itself.

An independently sapient stand, Empress will begin mocking and belittling her host as soon as she's able to speak, and since regular humans can hear but not see her, she'll do everything she can think of to ruin the host's social life or get them into trouble. Once she's grown enough to have arms, of course, she can cause even more trouble and start physically injuring her host.

I do always love an "evil second head" storyline or a "parasite twin" as a monster, and even light body horror can make almost anything more interesting. Sadly, I'm not sure we ever really find out just how far the Empress can progress as a skin disease, since she's still just a small torso when she's destroyed.