October 16: Tubular Bellls

Today's stand is another without any particular form of its own, manifesting strictly as a special power accessed by its user, Mike O. This is kind of a shame, because I can't even begin to imagine what kind of zany thing would manifest to represent this one.


I guess, in a sense, this stand's "form" and its power are simply one in the same. Tubular Bells allows Mike O. to blow into any metal object, even as small as a sewing needle, and instantly turn it into a metal balloon. Mike can then twist this into any shape he wants, usually a balloon animal because he just gets a kick out of it, and bring it to "life" as a crude, single-minded minion.

Making metal balloon doggies to carry out your will is already pretty awesome, but these beings have one more property that lands them squarely on our list of horrors:

When ordered to do so, these balloon creatures can phase into any surface, from a stone wall to a human body, and instantly revert back to the original metal object, wreaking all the terrible havoc you might imagine can be wrought when anything from a tiny ball bearing to part of a tractor trailer can manifest anywhere from a stone wall to a human body.