October 26: Strength

Today's stand is by far simpler than yesterday's, but if you ask me, actually quite a bit more dreadful to imagine contending with. It's another stand that manifests only as a power, rather than an entity and a power, so we don't have a design to review unless you count the abnormally massive ship it allows its user to control.

For the second or third time in our reviews, it's primarily the nature of that user that makes this stand horrifying.


This user turns out to be an exceptionally intelligent, exceptionally violent male orangutan named Forever, an agent of the villainous Dio and "captain" of the ship possessed by his stand. This stand allows Forever to control every single part of the ship like an extension of his own body, even moving its individual nuts and bolts or morphing its metal surfaces if he so chooses, which incidentally also allows him to freely merge with or phase through its walls.

Basically, the ship is haunted, only by an ape instead of a ghost, and if you don't think that's even scarier than a dead human soul, you probably don't know your apes.