October 6: Vitamin C

A good, clear full-body shot of this one barely seems to exist, but if you can't tell while it's lying on its side, Vitamin C has a jester-like mask, a handprint for a face, and dozens of gooey, transparent arms where its torso ought to be. A very unique and cool design, and one that plays well with its horrifying ability.


Any surface touched by Vitamin C's many long, ghostly limbs gets covered in sticky fingerprints, which can even spread like microorganisms to other surfaces.

And any living thing coming into contact with these fingerprints is...softened. Literally softened, physically, to the point that a piece of paper can chop them into pieces. Here we see a victim bested by faucet water, and Vitamin C's user has even taken advantage of the softening to stick foreign objects into people. The speed and degree of "softness" can also be manipulated, and it can progress to the point that the victim is a helpless, gelatinous puddle.

This is definitely up there with the top scariest abilities any of these things have, and the "infectious fingerprint" function makes it all the creepier. I'm horrified enough by all the germs in regular fingerprints.