October 9: Metallica

A nice and morbid one, today! Metallica only manifests from its user's own blood, usually lurking unseen inside his body. When revealed, it resembles many tiny slabs of metal with squirming baby-arms and ghostly faces, so we're already off to a terrific start here. According to the creator, they were just a little inspired by the hattifatteners from Moomins. They don't look that alike to me, besides the fact that they are waving, elongated ghostly figures, but that's alright. They're every bit as perfect and precious as they could ever be, and they even get cool looking stitch-shaped scars all over them, in case you didn't find them spookular enough as it is.


Metallica's ability is very, very simple, allowing its user to control any and all iron in the vicinity. This control is so advanced, however, that he can form basically any object he wants out of even microscopic traces of iron in the surrounding soil...or another person's blood. Creatively sadistic, he can convert the iron in somebody's body into needles or razor blades in a flash, which is arguably the single worst thing we've heard in these so far.

Total iron control also allows the user to physically puppet other people's bodies, including his own or other people's severed appendages, and even form emergency staples to re-attach his body parts or close up wounds. When he really feels like being cruel, though, he'll just deplete the iron from a victim's blood and leave them slowly suffocating, unable to oxygenate themselves.

One more property of this "iron control" comes completely out of left field: for basically no reason, a covering of tiny iron particles can turn anyone or anything invisible by "reflecting light," which is not at all how tiny iron particles work, but this kind of non-science is part of the fun of this series.

All in all, the ability itself isn't that imaginative or even that frightening on paper, but it's all in what you do with it that counts.