Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Today's has a nice "cosmic horror" feel without being a direct reference to any Cthulhus in particular. Originating from another dimension, the first Mezard (because there are several!) appears as a number of intangible, aerial jellyfish that somehow cause solid structures to collapse into particles of sand, quickly reducing a chunk of New York City to an instantaneous wasteland!

These organisms apparently fly by riding invisible energy waves, and if those waves are disrupted, they become tangible. When shot down and set on fire however, they merge together into one solid form...

So, wow, what a marvelously weird looking kaiju! In this state, Mezard still has a sort of jellyfish-like body plan, but the tentacles have become a cluster of crab-like legs, the bell is now an umbrella of webbed tentacles with a ring of teeth on top, and there's a long-necked, reptilian head protruding from the front of the thing, just below those teeth, that almost appears rotten and mummified! In this form, Mezard can attack with electricity or even shift back into the jelly-like "Wave Lifeforms" as they're known, implying to me that this is sort of their "battle mode" and the jellies are their natural state, though the fan wiki interpreted them as "larvae."

This Mezard unfortunately proves to be quite flammable, but this is not the end of the Mezard species...

The next Mezard also alternates between a solid kaiju and a wave-riding jellyfish, but has a somewhat different kaiju form. We can now see more clearly that the Mezard are inspired by turtles, of all things, as this design is almost exactly a monstrous, decrepit turtle skeleton with more "alien" additions like the teeth on its chest and the spidery tentacles sprouting from the back of its shell. Personally I love the whole idea, and how the face of the thing, however ghoulish, also has the same sad, sweet quality of any gentle testudines.

This member of the species is actually known as "Psycho Mezard," and it's important to remember that "Psycho" in Japanese culture is understood as slang for someone with psychic powers. The alien being uses said powers to brainwash humans into "zombies" or "puppet people," and even attempts to use these enslaved victims as a living shield!

Some time later, a woman becomes haunted by strange dreams of her favorite childhood doll, now human, riding a carousel. What does that have to do with alien turtle corpses?? It's a second, more powerful Psycho Mezard, who can trap humans in illusionary realities that bridge the gap between our dimension and theirs, allowing it to open up a wormhole and attack the Earth. Its design is almost identical to the previous Psycho Mezard, except for the unexplained, monstrous looking human-like face in the middle of its chest, which appears to be the seat of its psychic powers!

In the final TV appearance by these creatures, the "queen" Mezard - because of course there's a queen! - finally takes matters into her own hands. With her more advanced psychic abilities, she even invades someone's memories and recreates an illusionary copy of a long dead loved one, as well as take control of people through electronic devices such as phones and computers.

The queen is much closer to the Psycho Mezards in design, but she possesses only tentacles in place of the usual clawed arms, and her sleeker, meaner, multi-eyed lizard-skull head has none of that cute dopiness to it. Her shell is also a little weirder looking, like a fan of chitinous flower petals, and it makes the whole design look a bit more like some sort of "satellite dish." She, too, also has one of those unexplained humanoid faces for a stomach.

The very first Mezard probably had the most compelling and otherworldly design, but I can honestly say I love the species in all of its forms. They're just such a totally wild concept, with a unique and original design motif. Who would expect a bunch of interdimensional, mind-warping nightmare monsters to just "incidentally" look so much like skeletonized turtles, and that's only when they don't look exactly like giant, flying jellyfish.