Written by Jonathan Wojcik

This is a particular twisted one today, but it's also a little more complicated to talk about, because we have to start with Yapool, above. This alien entity is the creator of other "Superbeasts" including the previously reviewed Bad Balloon and Dreamgillas. This alien being is seemingly impossible to destroy for good, even reappearing in other Ultra series over the years, and is literally kept going by his undying hatred of the Ultrabeings. Every time they're certain they've destroyed him, his sheer rage manages to bring him back one day or another...

So, in perhaps one of the sickest but also weirdly convoluted cases, Yapool's body has been scattered across the galaxy as tiny fragments of red crystal, but his spirit is still very much conscious sends one of these fragments to a little boy whose father is away overseas. Impersonating dad in a friendly letter, he tells the child that the crystal is a gift for his mother, Yoshiko, who happens to be pregnant at the time.

Simultaneously, Yapool summons a new agent, Mazaron Man, born directly from his own hatred. Mazaron Man generates a strange, red rain over the town which seems to interact with the fragment of Yapool, allowing Mazaron Man to invade her mind and infect her soul with evil.

Acting out a dark ritual under Mazaron Man's command, Yoshiko is corrupted into the ghoulish, witch-like Yojo, a homage to the many motherly ghosts and yokai in Japanese folklore. And as long as Yojo carries out Mazaron Man's dancing and chanting, she is able to generate yet another monster...

This, at last, is the superbeast Mazarius. An absurd looking, colorful humanoid cactus with a blood red, googly-eyed dinosaur head and insect mandibles. The ridiculous creature hops and frolics about to Yojo's dance, causing the usual Kaiju destruction, but cannot be fought directly because it technically "doesn't exist," and that's because this thing is, in fact, a monstrous spiritual projection of Yoshiko's unborn fetus. Something that comprehends literally nothing of what it means to be alive essentially wakes up several stories tall, and nobody can even touch it.

Ultraman, fortunately, needs only to track Mazaron Man to his volcano lair and beat the tar out of him to turn Yoshiko back to normal, but even for Yapool, this was a senselessly nasty revenge scheme. There definitely wasn't any particular reason he needed to go about it this way or even use this particular family, but everything we've seen of his "superbeasts" should tell you by now that this is just what he does. If there's a more spiteful, sadistic and intrusive way to make a giant monster, that's the way he wants to make a giant monster. If there's a way to make a giant monster that destroys a family or traumatizes absolutely any random child, that's ESPECIALLY the way he wants to make a giant monster.