Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Holy hell, this design! What are we even looking at?! Kutuura simultaneously resembles a melting mass of howling ghosts, a cancerous mass of mutated flesh, and a walking coral reef, complete with a fan of webbed octopus-like tentacles in place of one arm!! Know what else is great? Every one of those wailing black mouth-holes can extend its own tongue-like tentacle, and those tentacles can stretch for miles, and it can reach them through wormholes into other universes - allowing it to feed on humans without even visiting our world! It basically "trawls" for prey across realities!! Can you even imagine what that's like? Just minding your own business one day when a big, wet tendril erupts out of literally nowhere, yanks you out of our entire universe, and the last thing you ever see is a twisted, pulpy mountain of eyeless, toothless faces?

I don't even need to elaborate much longer on this one; I spent paragraphs and paragraphs contextualizing the horror of some of our other kaiju, but Kutuura is dreadful enough on nothing but a design and a feeding method alone!

If you do want more, however? The reality Kutuura inhabits is known as "the land of death," a spiky black wasteland created by Nosferu's Master, the evil Ultra Dark Mephisto. Kutuura's name is also, apparently, a distortion of the name Cthulhu, though I'd say this thing is monumentally more chilling than the sleepy squidman. Though we're never told such, Kutuura's design feels like it might absorb and assimilate its prey into its body, looking as it does like a meaty legion of tortured souls.

And like another Mythos-flavored kaiju, SPOILER ALERT, Kutuura successfully kills the series Ultrahero! It is in fact only Ultraman's supporting human backup that finish off the creature themselves.

As an aside, the Kutuura costume itself was built over a spare DEENTS!