ARTIST: Dodoman1

MONSTERS: Original Creations!

  Fernavius - The largest and most powerful of the thirteen Devil Birds, a Fernavius is created when the same sort of extradimensional signal that creates Psychodrome bonds to a developing Devil Bird egg. This creature is capable of controlling the psionic abilities of creatures around it, turning them back on their users or shutting them off completely. The mouth in Fernavius' chest can absorb all mental abilities from a target, leaving them little more than a husk. Its cry sounds like a hollow, metallic red-tailed hawk call.

Nilmyt - A "mistake" Devil Bird, but much more dangerous than the Phasmoria, a Nilmyt is created when a Devil Bird egg is exposed to no emotions prior to hatching. It seems content to simply sit in one place and make depressed sighing sounds (actually denoting happiness), but any creature that looks directly into the infinite black void within its armor will be instantly rendered a mindless shell. It is unnaturally heavy, and actually fully organic.


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