ARTIST: Dodoman1

MONSTERS: Original Creations!

   Jestorso (Class: Joker) While this Joker may not seem like much of a threat, blind, deaf and constantly stumbling over everything in sight, it is highly dangerous to everyone and everything around it due to its ability to create and throw colorful spheres that explode into rainbow-hued fire that cannot be put out with any amount of water. Unfortunately, it has no way to aim.

Necrespirate (Class: Zombie Spawn) This homunculus is occasionally created from the lungs of a zombie. It has a short life span and is relatively useless in combat, but has a deadly ability; while it flies about by inhaling and exhaling, it emits clouds of spores that causes anything that inhales them to become a zombie after they die.

Chromental (Class: Bioconstruct) This tentacled beast is capable of changing color so expertly that its colors seem to animate, mesmerizing its enemies. This is not simply an effect of the shifting colors; Chromental possess powerful psionic abilities, and at the full extent of their power, they are able to trap their foes in a paradise of swirling color for the rest of their lives.

Cephalouse (Class: Joker) Scuttling about on its six stumpy legs, this animated head's "party hat" is actually a chemical weapons system that can release clouds of a highly toxic gas that induces euphoria, forcing its victims to laugh hysterically while they choke to death. It can attach to the body of a Jestorso to form a symbiotic relationship; the Cephalouse gains increased mobility while the Jestorso can see through the Cephalouse's eyes.

Metamorgue (Class: Unknown) This interdimensional being first appeared after the creation of an artificial black hole. The Metamorgue is made up of some form of matter not found in this universe, and can merge its otherworldly form with any solid or liquid, manifesting hundreds of toothy maws and barbed tentacles to attack its prey. It is not known if it has a "true" form in its home dimension or in any other.

Sadaemon (Class: Unknown) Human beings are occasionally sent to other dimensions, or go there of their own free will. If they return, they do as a Sadaemon, often disfigured and always completely insane. They broadcast a telepathic frequency that causes anything that hears it to feel incredible pain. Sadaemons seem to enjoy mutilating their victim's bodies to resemble themselves.

Heeuh (Class: Garbage) An useless byproduct of monster creation. Heeuh float on the breeze with their gasbag-like craniums. They violently explode at the slightest touch.

Zombees (Class: Zombie Spawn) Created when bees or wasps infest the body of one of the living dead, this shambling monstrosity is now fully deceased, controlled by the zombified insects. The body of a Zombees is covered in a thick shell resembling a beehive that restricts mobility but allows for great endurace. Swarms of deadly stinging bees can pour from any of the Zombees' orifices at any time. The first Zombees were created by a necromancer long ago to guard his fortress, but more have since originated through copycats as well as natural reproduction and infestation.

Stelecon (Class: Unknown) This monster arrived in the core of a meteorite. A Stelecon's body is made of a mineral previously unknown to science that will transmute anything it comes into contact with into more of this mineral. Monsters that physically attack a Stelecon will quickly be transformed into living statues. Water, however, will reverse this transformation somehow. If a Stelecon is somehow damaged, any piece that is removed will grow into an entire new Stelecon.

Rokinohn (Class: Bioconstruct) Rokinohn can emit sound from any part of their body, much like the Shreeg, but were intended more for espionage. They can perfectly mimic any sound in the entire world, even those too low or high of frequency to the human ear, although they also possess the Shreeg's sonic scream ability. Rokinohn are naturally faceless, but their creators often give them faces. They are a common sight in nightclubs.


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