ARTIST: Dodoman1

MONSTERS: Original Creations!

Faereeze and Meltevolent

Class: Bioconstructs

Although it is commonly believed to have cryokinetic (ice-based) powers, Faereeze is capable only of causing objects to become extremely brittle by touching them, so much so that they will shatter at the slightest touch. It is capable of reversing this transformation if it wishes. Its cry sounds like a fire engine. Meltevolent possesses the opposite power, capable of melting whatever it touches, no matter what its chemical formula, into liquid. It makes splashing sounds as it walks, caused by it melting footprints in the ground beneath it. its bowl-shaped head contains an inextinguishable ceremonial flame. These two monsters were created by an ancient religion that opposed the expansion of science and technology that was wiping out the natural world at a quick pace. This religion was designated a cult and completely stamped from the face of the planet along with the nature it held so dear, but the twin monsters it created live on, and are still effective combatants today.


Class: Bioconstruct

Gingernaut was once constructed as a war-beast in ancient times. Not only is it as tall as a house and capable of delivering nasty blows with its immense left arm, Gingernaut possesses a regenerative ability that allows it to recover from wounds or even grow back severed limbs, and the limbs that are cut off are capable of operating independently, bouncing along on their stumps towards no doubt terrified enemy troops. Although more advanced war-beasts have since made Gingernaut obsolete, its sweet-tasting flesh has become a popular treat among children, and has the side effect of temporarily filling those who eat it with a sense of warmth and happiness.


Class: Joker

The smallest and most numerous of the Jokers, this insectlike monster scuttles around in dark corners, attempting to stay hidden from larger creatures despite its gaudy coloration and constant squeaky cackling. It will eventually force its way down the throat of a sleeping host, dissolving into a virulent infection inside their digestive tract. The host will slowly petrify into a red-and-white statue, which soon collapse into a swarm of cackling Sucroach.


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