ARTIST: IcyBowser



Leech Angel

MONSTERS: Original Creations

FLOMATOPHORE - the Potted Cephalopod

CLASS: Bioconstruct

The Flomatophore is square, octopus-like being that really is not much of a force on its own. Just barely able to achieve motion, it is almost certain to die within weeks. So, its creators plant a seed in its stomach upon birth, eventually growing into a symbiotic flower that extends from its beak. This flower is often semi-sentient, having perhaps a sight organ or other interesting functions. This flower always spews a puddle of sweet nectar around the area, attracting prey right to the creature's mouth, quickly pulling back into the stomach before the Flomatophore bites down. Larger prey that cannot be attacked in this fashion are grappled with its tentacles and injected a poison through small harpoons in the suckers.

The Flomatophore is generally used in battle with a large other monster to carry it, running around the battle field spraying nectar into its opponents eyes to temporarily blind them, then coming at them with their poison-tipped suckers.

Flomatophores are fairly intelligent, having the intellect of a human toddler.

HELLIUM - the Deadly Parade

CLASS: Bioconstruct

The Hellium is widely employed as a cheap guard and battle monster because it is so cheap and easily made. Essentially a piece of wood with a few synthetic legs with a bit of organic matter on top, the Hellium is though, surprisingly strong in battle. The organic matter is injected with various gases, normally helium, to create large beautifully colored bladders that float lightly over the monster. The balloon-like organs can at will pop so loudly that a supersonic blast comes from it. The monster then adds its former attacker to the organic mass which it creates its bladders.

The gas-filled organs are constantly being made, but they deflate in about one day.



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