ARTIST: Neustrasbourg



  ARTIST COMMENTS: Most mortasheen monsters don't "evolve" like Pokémon, so these concepts aren't "evolutions" of the initial Estrel. As the experience of a mortasheen monster increases, you can observe notable physical changes, however, most of the time they aren't very different from what happens to a human who does some exercice (and maybe uses some cosmetic surgery). Inspired by role-play videogames (which I don't play myself, except Diablo II), I portrayed the more experienced Estrels with important Items they and their "trainers" discovered during their adventures.

   From top to bottom:

   Basic Estrel. Physically weak and vulnerable, it relies completely on the strengh of it's minions (or it's trainer, who actually becomes a minion himself in most cases). It spends most of the time, including during battles, on the back or bosom of it's trainer, sucking blood, but also emitting pheromones and psychic waves that support the party in combat.

   Advanced Estrel. The external blood vessels, which by the basic Estrel are only used for parasitism, have become fearsome weapons in close combat, even allowing it to impale more soft-skinned targets. For that reason Estrels of this level rely less on their trainers and develop a somewhat predatory behaviour. Since Estrels are still vulerable to physical attacks, trainers might want to equip them with protective gear such as helmets and shields. The Estrel portrayed here is actually fairly unusual: Still sitting on her favorite spot on her trainer's back, she is now swinging a baseball-bat, ready to protect her trainer from any opponent who dares to come in range. The bond between this monster and her trainer is especially strong.

   Maximum Estrel (Estrel Lord\Lady). The external blood vessels of especially skilled Estrels have become very strong and numerous, even allowing the monster to walk around on them, which gives the Maximum Estrel an odd, "floating" aspect. By this level, Estrels usually have assembeled considerable armies of minions to do their biding. At this point they prefer items that allow them to conceal their pale and vulnerable complexions, such as huge cloaks, helmets and masks. The Estrel portrayed here wears the "Cloak of the Union", increasing the strengh of the "spells" that support minions in combat.


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