ARTIST: Partlysmith

MONSTERS: Original Creations!

PIDGEURGGLE- the “Blight Bird”


A rare, powerful byproduct of monster creation. Pidgeurggle’s stomach serves as a breeding ground for countless pathogens that are transferred to other life forms by the mucus and gas expelled from its nostrils, beak, and anus. The ailments it causes are always random and unpredictable, ranging from the common cold to Ebola, as well as several disease produced only within its body.



Fusion of human and ked fly. It feeds on skin and blood, and will often pull the skin directly off of its prey, wadding the bloody, fleshy mass into a ball for later consumption.

HEMOGOBBLE - the Autopire


A useless byproduct of monster creation. Hemogobble have an insatiable thirst for blood, specifically, their own. It constantly makes a comic, slurping sound.

SCYLLITCH - the Corpse Hydra


The rarest of all Zombie Spawn, Scyllitch is a highly developed variation of the Type F Festerling. Like its underdeveloped counterpart, Scyllitch has one central body, which houses its brain and is always inexplicably limbless.

It normally has complete, voluntary control of its “siblings”; however, on rare occasions, one of these may develop a brain of their own. It will either be devoured, or attempt to free itself. If the new body is capable of survival, it will eventually form an entirely new Scyllitch.

FESTERLING F - the Zombie Twin


The result of multiple inseminations from a single zombie pregnancy. The Type F Festerling never forms separate, complete bodies, but rather a “main” body with parasitic siblings attached.



Fusion of human and honey pot ant. Honeysuckle constantly produces a sweet gelatenous substance which it secretes from its anus. Anything that catches the scent of the gel is instantly drawn to it, often drinking it straight from the source, at which point the Honeysuckle's orifice will envelop the prey for digestion.

Though primarily sedentary, Honeysuckle comically rolls sideways whenever it needs to move.



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