ARTIST: Partlysmith

MONSTERS: Original Creations!

HARLEZOTZ - the “Clownpire”


A Joker that survives on blood alone. Its jaws are capable of moving in a back-and-forth motion, allowing it to saw through its victims' flesh. Its slaiva serves as both an anticoagulant, and a powerful narcotic, forcing victims into maddened chuckling, misinterpreting pain as a delightful experience.

GIGGLYNX - the "Clown Lion"


One of the few Jokers that exhibits some form of self-control, Gigglynx are completely silent while hunting, only to enter a fit of maddened laughter after killing their prey. They are also extremely flexible, and are capable of bending their joints in almost any direction they please.

Contact with its thick, sticky saliva causes skin to break out into a swollen, irritating, colorful rash that tickles when scratched.

FESTIVILE - the Madness Pinata


Festivile floats slowly through the air, keeping itself aloft with psionics. Its stomach constantly produces tiny, brightly colored, sweet tasting bits of flesh that project a psionic field of their own, compelling anything close enough to devour them, despite their lethal toxicity.

Its body is easily broken, and will often fill to the point where it ruptures on its own.

KAPPAULDRON - the Bottle Turtle


Created as a sort of storage unit, Kappauldron can be taught to secrete any liquid substance they injest, for quick, limitless access; it is usually fed various corrosive acids when used in battle.

If the liquid in its bowl shaped head is ever completely drained, it will fall unconscious until it produces a significant ammount to replace it.



Fusion of human and robber fly. Robbleblotter are known for their stealth, speed, and agility, often pouncing on prey in an almost cat-like manner. They are also valued for their ability to scale walls, no matter how smooth, and are often used as “hitmen”, silently pursuing their targets from the ceiling. The stinger in its tail produces a powerful paralysis, while its proboscis injects digestive enzymes into its prey.

BLEAK - the Drear Ibis


A Devilbird whose egg was exposed to feelings of apathy and indifference. Bleak project a psionic field that instantly demoralizes anything near it, completely removing any desire to engage in battle. It is surprisingly obedient, as it will follow any command, yet will do so rather lethargically. Its surface is extremely cold to the touch.



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