ARTIST: Partlysmith

MONSTERS: Original Creations!

HARLEZOTZ - the Blood Baby


The rare result of zombie pregnancy in which the mother was a carrier of vampirism.

Though soft and frail alone, Humblood have been known to be a powerful force when attacking in swarms. While feeding, membrane inside their heads vibrates, creating dull humming sound.

GIGGLYNX - the False Child


A more developed variation of the Humblood. Changeleech project a psionic field, leading its victims to perceive it as their own child, nurturing it while it drains their blood. The false parent also provides Changeleech with protection, violently attacking anything that may cause at harm, and more than willing to sacrifice its own life.

FESTIVILE - the Worm Dragon


A descendent of humans, which evolved under the heavy influence of parasitic worms. Wyrmmangle's body is virtually empty save for its massive stomach and a few simple organs.

The largest of its worms serve as limbs, which seek out new hosts for the smaller, underdeveloped worms that are constantly spawned within Wyrmmangle.

Its only remaining muscles are its legs. All other motion is created by the movement of the worms.



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