ARTIST: Tedd Miller

  Tedd: I made a Mortasheen trainer and gym leader just like Pokemon there are eight gym leads. The first image is the Mortasheen trainer his name is Buzz e.boy and got fly dna mixed with a fly and he loves arthropod types. Then the second image is the gym leaders. The first one is Max121 and invader form a other reality he lives in dead dug city. Sir ant lion is next he c.e.o of ant-lion bio-construct inc and is leader of O'bioastwon gym. The third is Dr.zombie 2 a clone of a famous mad doctor runs the zombie burg gym. J-quck a psycho clown runs the Deject gym. Baron Maximo is a vampire he run Castle blood's gym. General guy a bombadier with a human i.q. runs the pomander gym. Mr.Miller A mad that did to many experiments on him self now is his a monster, runs the city dump gym foun in dead dug city. Dr.Wojick a man who mixed fly dna with his own run s the bug burg gym


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