ARTIST: The Lazy Writer

MONSTERS: Original Creations!

Kloudkore-The Coalescing Calamity


A creature created to gather moisture to create rain for drought-stricken areas, but quickly picked up as a combat monster ewhen it’s potential for lethality was found. It can exude a fine particulate matter that coalesces moistrure to create, you guessed it, clouds. It also picks up toxins from its surrounding area, which is very useful if it wants to use an acid rain and/or poison rain attack on its enemies, but not very useful when it’s trying to bring rain to a drought-stricken area of the city of Mortasheen. They are also able to “rub” their clouds together to create lightning. Although these abilities are very formidable, underneath all that cover of clouds it is incredibly weak, with that one eye of it’s very vulnerable to damage, which tends to make it very paranoid. Because of this, these creatures are usually found in the company of powerful creatures, or keeps them as minions if it has enough influence. NOTE: The resemblance to Krako is com-pletely unintentional. It just came out that way.

Froosh - the Firey Gasbag


This creature was created originally as way to cook food cheaply and quickly, but later repurposed as a battling creature due to the fact that it was far too powerful for the task it was created for, reducing any food it tried to cook to a crisp. It quickly became popular as a battling monster due to its ease of creation and its high power for its low price. It is able to shoot out a short burst of flammable gas from the larger lower sack on its body, lit by the small flame at the lip of its mouth. The second, smaller, sack is able to spit out a long stream of gluey napalm that lights things on fire much better than the flammable gas, but is much less in amount than the gas. The creature has a boisterous personality, and loves to eat, fight and drink heartily. It also loves to cook, sort of as a side effect of its origins, but unfortunately everything it cooks is reduced to a cinder and rendered completely inedible by all except for the Bernie itself, which wonders why nobody likes its cooking. NOTES: I just thought it was a shame that mortasheen didn’t have a flamethrower monster (Although Necromon did), and I wanted to add one.

Sluimb-The Worm That Walks and/or Grabs


Created as an alternative to robotic replacement limbs based somewhat on the Phlembrane, and whos maker is in a heated competition with the makers of said robotic limbs for marketshare. They are sluglike creatures with lampreylike mouths; having two massive fangs at the top and the bottom of them for latching on to arms, and three tentacles at the end that work as a hand for their host. They are incredibly flexible, able to secrete acid from their tentacled end and are many times stronger than normal limbs. They work by attaching themselves to a limb (or stump) by their two massive fangs and then slowly digesting the old limb whiel at the same tiem attaching themselves to the host’s nervous system and discarding most of their brain mass that is nto needed for their new function as limbs. They are very single-minded about their task, only stopping their search to eat so that they can increase their size to latch onto the limb of a particularly large beast that they may have chosen for themselves, and are widely reguarded as “creepy” and “stalker-ish” by the residents of Mortasheen. They hate robotic limbs and try to devour them as soon they see them, a trait no doubt engineered into them by their creator company (Which goes by the name “Uh-Oh Nautilus” for some unknown reason) to eliminate the competition. NOTES: Was vaguely inspired by Exigua, a parasitic arthropod that attaches itself to a fish’s tongue and slowly replaces it. I feel ashamed for not making it an arthropoid.



These bioconstruct’s most distinguishing feature (other than the fact that they look like weird ostrich/crab tripod things) have a massive rod of some unknown metal from the stars (that may or may not be semi-sentient in and of itself) lodged in their head. This metal is capable of absorbing almost any attack, lightning, fire, ice, blunt force, disease, poison, acid, psychic attacks, you name it, and redirecting said attack through its two long slender tongues. The only exception to this is slicing attacks. These creatures are incredible daredevils, willing to do anything dangerous for a thrill, and using their natural abilities to come out unharmed. Except when it involves blades or spikes. Then they turn into complete cowards, hiding behind the nearest large object in the hopes that the challenge will go away. It usually doesn’t.

Aquapus - the Precarious Dispenser

BIOCONSTRUCT-GENEZOA An attempt at creating an organic water cooler that went horribly wrong, the aquapus is one of the more unusual monsters of Mortasheen. It is incredibly powerful, with the ability to shoot water at speeds that can cut through the hardest metals like they were hot lard, but there is a catch. The catch is that as it starts to use its water, it flows out of its main chamber, the same place that holds its brain, and if it runs out of water, its brain will be left floundering to crumple under its own weight. This means that oftentimes, in the middle of a battle, it will run away to find more water to fill up its head-chamber with. It does have a few little quirks about it that seem to be from it’s origins as a water cooler. For one, it can purify and cool off (although not to the point of freezing) water, which is incredibly useful in a polluted city like Mortasheen. Second, it loves to make small talk, constantly chatting about philosophy, games, the weather, or anything it finds interesting for hours on end, even doing this while in the middle of a fight. Note: This is my favorite out of all the designs

Cruroele - the Bounding Trunker


These creatures are known for their incredible agility and grappling skills, using their own foot to latch onto their opponents, and their leg and spiked trunk to squeeze their victim like a very pointy boa constrictor, before stabbing you with the fangs a t the end of their trunk for the kill. They also have a massive vertical leap, second only to the Heartsucker, and use their massive trunks to swing through the cyclopean towers of the city and the pulsating; meaty forests outside thereof. They are free-spirited and adventurous, prone to making quips and wisecracks during battle. These creatures are prominent in the pro-wrestling federations of Mortasheen, with the most famous example being the famous luchador Sangre Loco

Ringmeister-The King Clown


These creatures are the most powerful of the jokers, with it even being said that they were the ones who slew the Jokers original creator. They are as insane as the other Jokers, but more in the megalomaniacal I’LL TAKE OVER THE WORLD sense, and they tend to be smart enough to be able to execute their plans, making them very formidable foes indeed. The whip on their left hand is actually a long, thin tentacle, with a small but powerful psychic nodule on the end. It can use this to control the minds of all other jokers, using them to create a massive “Circus of Fear” that they use to execute their mad schemes. Not only that, but it can also use it to enhance the strength, speed and psychic power of the other jokers under its control, making it a formidable fow. It is no slouch in a fight either, with its incredible strength, acrobatic agility and speed. They are deathly afraid of Caterpuckers and will try to destroy them if they find them. Any that are asked about this mention something about them wreaking their “dread revenge” on the entire Ringmeister species, and that is all they will say. NOTES: I like the little shout out to the supposed origin of the Joker race by Caterpuckers, although I do admit that the name is fairly uncreative.

Blard - The Blubber Blob


A far more useful modification of the Blister Garbage creature, this monster was created to the massive amounts of fat needed for deep-fat-frying meat creatures like Cockatoss, Snufagunk, and Gorgobpleas. It mainly captures prey by smothering them in its fat, with a surprisingly flexible and strong layer of muscle underneath all the fat meaning that it can do this to larger monsters like the Zyghast or the Polka-Dotted Pansyface. IT can also excrete fat from its pores, or hork it out from its mouth (for ease of access for frying). This fat, while not as slippery as the grease of a Crocoboil, is very useful for increasing the creature’s mobility, or tripping up its prey. And if something happens to get covered in that fat, and they happen to be near a heat source at the time… FWOOSH!

Carrotten - delicious, carroty death from above


Created as a creature to guard the many castles, fortresses, secret laboratories and junkyards, these beasts hide themselves underneath the ground most of the time, when an intruder comes they spring into action, popping out of the ground using telekinesis to fly and their fronds to propel themselves forward. They then will attackby flying to a massively high height and then swoop down and impale their enemies with their steel-hard wooden drill-beak at the end of their bodies and chew out their organs with said drill-beak. They are extremely devoted to their masters, even being willing to die for them. Their personalities tend to be extremely no-nonsense and formal, but still somewhat likeable.

Stepfords - The Uncanny Valley Abominations


Created when a study on the nature of the uncanny valley got way out of control and the scientists went insane from discovering the true reason said valley exists, these guyss define creepy. They rely on their impossibly (Literally, as physicists have shown that the appearance of their smile breaks so many laws of physics that it isn’t even funny) creepy smiles to paralyze their pray, which they then devour. Of course, if one is very unlucky, then one might be attacked by one of their two whiplike tails. Each tail has a stinger at the end, massive amounts of bacteria with the Stepford’s DNA inside each one. This process puts the person in the Stepford’s control, which it uses to try and attract more victims. Of course, this rarely works due to the fact that the creepy smiles of those controlled by the creature always give them away, but then there you go. OF course, if you get enough of that bactierial sludge in your system, you eventually become one of them. They do not speak except for an unnerving laugh and whispered conversation amongst themselves that always seems to be referring to some big master plan. Nobody knows what they are planning, but it is undoubtedly sinister and lovecraftian.


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