ABNORTIS - The Crooked Larva


   These dreadful beings seem to result from a single gene deficiency in the development of an Oovule, having risen from the Corpse Sea on six occasions before the first and only natural Oovule manifestation. Nearly devoid of conscious thought and possessing very little living tissue at any given time, an Abnortis drifts aimlessly in the atmosphere, showering all in its path with its oddly folded prions and viral genes.

   All life forms contaminated by an Abnortis exhibit the same rapid cycle of decomposition,regeneration and extreme resilience associated with the "undead," though only specimens of Homo Sapiens complete transformation into viable zombies; without artificial restoration, other biotypes will eventually wear down and collapse into unremarkable, inert heaps of dessicated carrion.

   Sapient zombies report hearing "whispers and murmuring" in the presence of an Abnortis, a phenomenon they find deeply disturbing yet "strangely familiar" in ways they are at a loss to explain.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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