AGONATRIX - The Dungeon Flailer


   A more brutal sister to the Agonette, the Agonatrix is considerably less mobile, its degenerate legs poorly suited for more than a sluggish, unsteady waddle. It need not often travel far, however, when its boneless, nearly unbreakable arms can stretch more than twice their already considerable length, and flay the flesh from prey with their tough, leathery digits and razor-edged thorns.

   Agonatrix blood exhibits the same pain-inducing properties as that of the Agonette, though the creature is unable to squirt it in the same fashion. It may reach its tentacles deep within its orifices to soak their tips in the dread fluid, or regurgitate a thick torrent over tightly entangled prey. Haughty and stubborn, they often expect to be pampered in various ways, even carried from place to place and begged "nicely" to obey simple orders. Most find it easier to comply than deal with one of their feared tantrums.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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