AGONETTE - The Dungeon Dancer


   Employed for centuries in combat, recreation and physical therapy, these light, nimble and frighteningly fast monster is highly specialized in the fine art of inflicting pain. Its unseen eyes, deep within its smooth skull, peer through the tissues of other organisms and map their complete nervous system, accurately calculating the most sensitive striking points for their scalpel-like nails.

   An Agonette's most frightening weapon is its own black, oily blood. While inflicting no tangible damage, contact with the clingy fluid triggers an excrutiating nerve response as though intensely hot; enough that the pain alone may drive a monster into shock. It often dabs the tips of its own claws in its wounds, and in dire situations, may squirt blood a considerable distance from its oral funnel.

   Agonette tend to associate pain with affection, and may become infatuated with particularly violent opponents.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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